skin prep for makeup

I am not a dr. and not certified to give advice so take everything I say with a grain of salt.

If you have a great canvas to work on, your makeup will look that much better.  

Drink Water, duh

I would recommend getting facials monthly starting 3-6 months before your event.  Do not start getting facials right before your event just in case your skin has a reaction.

Water and moisture are your friends.  I am a mother of five and a makeup artist and the words that come out of my mouth the most are "drink more water".

It is recommended to speak with a dermatologist or whomever is doing your facial to put you on a regime that is specific to your skin needs.

 I love skin oils, but make sure they are Non-Comedogenic!

 Use what you love and make it a ritual. 

I had a bride that had chronically dry skin and started using moisturizing sheet masks every night a week before her wedding and her skin was sooooo supple and dewy.

Drink lots of water water water water water!!!

Please scrub your lips and make sure they are moisturized.  make a paste of water and sugar and boom you have a lip scrub.