What to think about for hair and makeup on your big day.

Well, you should choose whatever floats your boat, but here are a few things to keep in mind.

1. Do you want a classic look that will look great in any decade? Stay away from trends.  So for example, right now, super shimmery highlight, an extreme winged liner, ombre lips and blocked brows. #INSTAMAKEUP These are all fun now but what will you think in ten years?

2. Choosing a makeup look that is subtle and brings out YOUR best features is always a great idea.   Think Megan Markle. If you have extreme hooded eyes (which are beautiful) but then choose a model who has a lot of lid space to match your look after, then expect a different result.  Same goes with, if you like Kylie Jenners look but you have very thin lips, then you may be disappointed.  Be realistic.

3. I love for everyone to be themselves, so if you are over the top and want glitter thrown all over your face then by all means you to do you boo, but a good general rule, if this isn't you, is to pick ONE feature of your face to focus on. ;)

4. Find a picture online of hair and makeup that you love and send to your artist ahead of time.  This will help make sure that the day runs smoothly and you get what you need.  

5. Remember that hair and makeup doesn't always translate from person to person.  If you have brown or black or even red hair, it will not look the same as the very highlighted blonde picture you've shown us.

6. If you have thin hair, or short hair, know that not all hairstyles can be done with this type of hair.  The same goes for someone with super long thick hair. Show your stylist what you love and be honest about what your natural hair is like. We will give you our honest opinion about what can be done. 

7. When you use the word "natural" remember that this is used by almost everyone and means very different things to everyone.  Please bring photos of what "natural" means to YOU! 

8. Don't stress too much.  This is supposed to be a fun day of love and in the end that is what matters.  Have fun, take a deep breath, and relax!